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Stand by

Do not live so that your presence is noticed, but so that your absence is felt.

Bob Marley

Hello everyone!

I don’t know if my absence will be noticed in that romantic way that Bob Marley defines. All in all, the intention of the blog is always due to you, so I can get an idea that maybe some of you miss some of its content and new publications.

Actually, I am currently doing ongoing training, which can help me a lot in new ideas; However, my time is limited, so I have to consider how to manage it.

There are many publications so far, which I have to organize with a more criteria-oriented approach. In this way, for the moment, the publications of the T-see, Infused Science, Writing and the Self-Employed Guide appear open.

Until I progress in my personal work, it will be very difficult for me to design and elaborate new ideas. I feel tired. So, it would be better to leave part of this work on standby and get in touch with him when he has the ideal environment for it.

I hope you enjoy that information that is left open.

See you soon.

A kiss,

Veronica Garcia-Melero